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When You Least Expect It, You’re a Mom

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By: Bema Self

Young, single mom finds out she is pregnant in an unexpected way

I felt like something had climbed inside my stomach and was tearing apart my insides. It’s almost indescribable. For three weeks, my daily routine consisted of sleeping for 16 hours, trying to eat, then throwing up and going back to sleep. Nothing helped and the longer I tried to wait it out, thinking that it was the flu, the worse it seemed to get.

On week four, I resigned to seeing a doctor. What could be so drastically wrong with my 18-year-old body that it no longer wanted to partake in vertical activities? I managed to disgrace at least three of their bathrooms and a chair in the waiting room while I was there. Being that I only had apple juice all morning, I couldn’t figure out how I had anything left to put out.

I just crossed my fingers and hoped it would stop, or that they’d be able to give me some sort of cure to take care of whatever parasite had lodged itself inside of me.

After six diagnostic tests, drawing my blood twice and even getting an IV to keep me from getting dehydrated, the doctor was mostly stumped. The only thing she could think was to ask me about my sexual activities. Knowing I was taking birth control pills and had been reasonably safe, I wasn’t too worried.

Since there’s always a risk of pregnancy though, even with safe intimacy, I agreed to a urine test.

When the urinalysis came out, that’s when I knew the jig was finally up. The parasite that I had been cursing out for weeks was actually a tiny, 3-month-along baby boy.

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