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Maternity Clothes That Fit Your Body and Budget

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By: Lucille Barilla

Young Urban Moms make smart choices when it comes to shopping for maternity clothes

Welcome to the dilemma of maternity wear. In today’s economy, cuteness takes a backseat to cost-effectiveness. But being stylish while baby’s on board doesn’t have to be painful to your pocket. Here’s how to cut costs!

Stay Out of Maternity Stores
The first place you’ll want to go when you find out you’re pregnant is your local “wonderful mother” store. Although the clothing are most likely cute, it is probably also costly. Instead, head over to your favorite budget store, like Target, JCPenney or Walmart, and check their maternity sections first. You can score clothing for your third trimester of pregnancy, if you go when last season’s clothing hit the discount racks.

Raid Your Significant Other’s Closet
Believe it or not, you might be able to fit into your man’s jeans or sweats, which should tide you over for the time-being. A cute men’s button-down shirt always looks stylish if you add some accessories.

Splurge on Maternity Undergarments
If there is one place you need to spend your money on, then it’s with hosiery, underpants and at least one good maternity bra. For getting the most everyday use out of your bra, invest in a bra extender to accommodate your oh-so-growing bustline. Panty-wise, head for the larger-size full-cut undergarments.

Don’t Buy More Than You Need
Basically, you need a skirt or pair of pants (or shorts, depending on your climate) for every day of the week, a dozen tops, support stockings (if varicose veins are an issue) and two pairs of comfortable shoes.

Invest in One Dressy Outfit
Make it one that can go for three out of the four seasons (if it’s cold, wear one of your pre-pregnancy cardigan sweaters — not buttoning it is chic!). Also, get yourself a sensible pair of heels in black, preferably a bit bigger and wider than you normally wear.

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