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Going Green: Bumps Most YUMs Encounter

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By: Barb Hopkins

What Young Urban Moms can expect on the road to more eco-friendly living

When a household goes green, a variety of bumps may be encountered along the road to an eco-friendly existence. Successful navigation is possible, however, if we can recognize what might happen before it actually does happen.

Real Cost
Going green may have a few initial start-up costs. New recycling bins, compact-fluorescent light bulbs and cleaning cloths may seem costly at first. But over time, green living can reduce household expenses. Such as a one-time expense of $5 for a dozen washcloths is a money saver, when compared to spending about $8 a month on paper towels. Even replacing the cloths every six months, you will still be ahead about $80 per year. Not only that, you will also greatly reduce your family’s carbon footprint.

It’s so easy to toss each bit of household waste into the garbage, and then forgetting about it. Going green means taking a few extra minutes and sorting out recyclable materials. It takes less than 60 seconds to flatten a cardboard cereal container for recycling. If your area does not have curbside recycling, then take the time to bring it to a center. It may be a bit more work, but your environmental impact will be significant.

Changing Habits
Convincing your family to change its habits to go green can be a huge hurdle. Make it a family project by visiting the recycling center together. Also, let them know that these changes do have certain incentives. Metal recycling centers, for example, generally pay for aluminum. Put the kids in charge of crushing the aluminum cans each week and allow them to keep the money earned. Work together in remembering to turn off lights, stop buying bottled water and invest in those eco-friendly, stylish water bottles.

Green living may have its share of bumps and changes, but the effort will be worth it for you, your family and the next generation.

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