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What Great Dads Do

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By: Denise Calaman

Fathers who take the time to be involved with their kids are helping to mold their lives

There is a dwindling species walking among us, and it’s in danger of becoming extinct. That endangered species is the “great dad.” Now more than ever before, a large majority of children are growing up in single-parent households (most often being raised by their mother).

Fortunately, every so often, we catch a glimpse of a great dad and can’t help but smile when we spot him interacting with his children.

Fathers who take the time to be involved with their kids are helping to mold their lives. Too many fathers neglect their children and their paternal needs, simply because they don’t realize just how important it is to their overall mental and physical health.

For those that need an extra push or some reassurance, we’ve listed below a few suggestions to help dads that are trying to help their children:

  • Great dads know that they need to show both their daughters and sons affection by speaking gently and offering kind words.
  • They realize that they need to spend time with their children, whether just laughing and playing games. This helps the child feel important and know that their dad loves them and wants to be with them.
  • It’s important to also work behind the scenes to make sure that the child’s needs are met. That means preparing for their kids’ futures, education, and overall success.
  • Great dads work hard to make sure their children grow up to be responsible, hard-working, and honest individuals.

There are several methods that will ensure that the relationship between a father and his child is strong. However, perhaps the most important of all, is that great dads don’t stop becoming fathers after their children are grown. They continue to be an important part of their lives, whether it’s to offer guidance and love long after the kids have grown and established families of their own.

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