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YUMs Answer: “Where is Daddy?”

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By: Christina Spencer

Single moms, here is what to tell the kids when their daddy doesn’t show up again

It’s his time to pick up the kids, but—as usual— he’s a no-show. Now we’re left with crying kids and are forced to pick up the pieces. We would love to tell them he’s not worth the tears, but they have to learn that lesson on their own. So how do we stop the crying and bite our tongue at the same time? Fortunately, you have two options.

Option 1
Make excuses for him. You can say something may have come up. He could be stuck in traffic or had to work late, and that he’ll call a little later. You want to stop your children’s pain. Explain to them it’s nothing they did, then hold and console them. You can also have something else planned out, just in case he doesn’t show up at all. That way, the whole day is not a waste and it will help your kids focus on something else.

Option 2
Be honest. Tell your children, “I’m not sure why Daddy didn’t show up, but I can ask him next time I talk to him.” If you make excuses for him and he has a different excuse, then you may just look like a liar. This option may not help your children stop crying, but their father needs to be held accountable. It’s not the mother’s job to make excuses for the father, and it does not benefit the children in the long run either. At least with this option, you can teach your children that everyone has to take responsibility for their own actions and be held accountable for them. Plus, you might just start running out of excuses to make for them.

Whichever option you choose, it will be difficult for you and the children. Just make sure they know that you love them and continue to tell them how special they are no matter what.

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