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Top 5 Networking Tips for YUMs

Filed under : Careers, Finance

By: Carolina Pichardo

Learn how to make the best possible first impression at any networking event as only a Young Urban Mom can!

In honor of the BlogHer conference, we figured we’ll give you some tips on how to make the best of any networking event.

After the childcare has been arranged, an outfit has been picked and the business cards are all decked out, it’s when the real work begins. It could be difficult. But whether you’re worried about what to say or just fearful of those first introductions, always remember that you’re a YUM. You nurture and take care of family back home, are doing your thing and no one can take this away from you!

  1. Research and Know. Before you register or attend an event, make sure you know the industry. Even doing a quick overview of the companies and sponsors that are attending could go a long way.
  2. Smile and Introduce. Being cheerful not only makes you more approachable, but it also heightens your mood and energy to meet other people. Don’t worry if people are not smiling back. It costs absolutely nothing, you’ll have a lot of fun, and the effects are priceless!
  3. Have a Goal. Whether it’s two business cards or 20, it’s good to have a goal of the amount of business cards that you wish to distribute. If possible, make a game out of it and see how many great connections you could complete in a day. Also, if a business partner or friend is joining you, ask them to join along.
  4. Workshops, Learning and More Workshops. Don’t forget to attend as many workshops and classes as possible. Not only will you learn more about the different trends and businesses involved in your field, but you’ll have the opportunity to put your name out there.
  5. Quickly Follow-Up. Attending a conference or event would be nothing (just you walking around and handing out free business cards) without the crucial following-up point. That’s right. It really all boils down to this. Although it’s typical to wait 1-2 business days before contacting them, this time frame isn’t set in stone. Just remember to reiterate what you discussed, what a pleasure it was meeting and how you hope to establish a business relationship with this company.

Also, please don’t forget to involve your children. Show them the different business cards you collect, tell them about your experience, and excite them about the process. You’ll be surprised at how happy and proud they’ll be of you.

If you review these tips from time to time, you’ll not only keep your business game in check, but also eventually learn to walk into that conference room with the flair that only a YUM can own.

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