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BlogHer Rundown: Love at First Site

By: Carolina Pichardo

Favorite sites and moments for Young Urban Moms from the BlogHer 2010 conference

It was our first conference. We’ll admit that we were hesitant at first… What with the sponsorship problems, questions of whether or not the show was still relevant, etc.

But regardless of this, we decided to go. What better way to pop the cherry than with BlogHer 2010?

Although the conference hall was full of great companies and exhibitors, we have to say that the best part were the different bloggers and writers hustling around. We were starstruck, inspired, entertained, and encouraged (just to name a few).

However you wish to put it, we simply loved all the women there. Here are a couple of our favorite sites and moments: This company has simplified the all-time, grievous parenting dilemma: kids outgrowing their clothes. You purchase Michael a new pair of shoes, and before you know it—he needs a bigger size. ThredUP is meant to simplify this for parents by providing a clothes-swapping network of families. Simply join, collect those outgrown clothes and ship them away!

Bloganthropy: Although we’ve heard of this organization before, it was great to see them exhibiting this weekend. Known for making known the big names in the bloggy world, this year’s winner was none other than Postpartum Progress’ Katherine Stone. For those of you that don’t know, Stone is a pioneer in PPD (postpartum depression) awareness. Also, big thank you’s to Ivy Shih Leung of “Ivy’s PPD Blog” for briefly answering our questions on this devastating and often disregarded condition.

KidsHealth: More often than not, kids ask those questions that we’re just not qualified to answer. Why do I need sleep? Why do I need to lower the volume? If you’re anything like us, sometimes the—”Cause we said so!”—explanation can only take you so far. Well, this great website offers the right answers and activities for those random questions. So the next time your child corners you for a scientific explanation and theory, sit down with them and learn a thing or two about it together.

The Responsibility Project for the Win (via Liberty Mutual): When does it pay to be responsible? Always. And Liberty Mutual is offering teenagers the chance to get paid this Summer to share with them just exactly how are they doing the right thing. Entries will be accepted until August 31, 2010 and will be featured on the The Responsibility Project’s website. Check them out for more details.

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