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Back-to-School Series: Before Going Back

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By: Staff Report

Young Urban Moms, enjoy one last family trip or activity before the kids go back to school

When back-to-school season hits, families usually go into a panic about what to do, what to get, tracking expenses and more. It’s hectic for everyone in the family, including the kids (who are probably experiencing some jitters of their own).

So why not enjoy one last family trip or activity? Don’t forget that the weather is still warm. With some good planning and an adventurous spirit, your family could make these last days of Summer the best ones! Of course, it doesn’t have to be something extravagant. But making it educational does help.

1. Beach and Pools. What’s better than spending some warm, off days in the water? We don’t think there’s anything that can top that! But if you don’t agree, then continue reading for some more ideas.

2. Nature Walk. Whether it’s your local park or a real hiking trail, the weather and exercise make for a great family trip combination. Plus it’s safe to say that the family that exercises together, well—exercises together.

3. Amusement Parks. There’s popcorn, rides, and a lot of excitement to go around. Check your local newspaper or city’s visitors bureau to see what’s going on.

4. Have nice, relaxing picnic. It’s simple enough, yet could prove to be so rewarding. Enjoying a nice meal and escaping the shopping mall for a day, and all with the ones you love the most.

5. Go to the movies. Even if there isn’t a blockbuster hit, why not enjoy something you wouldn’t normally watch? Just remember that it’s nice to step out of the routine, before you immerse yourself completely into it.

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