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Some House Rules Were Meant to Be Broken

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By: Barb Hopkins

To bring harmony back into the home, Young Urban Moms may want to ease up, on occasion, with the house rules

Frenetic family life has become the norm for many homes. Jobs, kids, school, practices, play dates and everything in between can create chaos. Chaos can cause parents to become drill sergeants ordering the troops into line with a fierce rigidity. Although children need structure and rules for stability during busy times, they also need balance. To bring harmony back into the home, parents may want to ease up, on occasion, with the house rules and remember three things.

Kids Have Bad Days, Too

Kids are human and do have bad days. A rough day at school, fight with a sibling or even just a cranky mood can make even the most amiable child unreasonable. Exercise patience and understanding when this happens. After a tough day at school, relax the no video game or TV rule until after homework. Allowing 30 minutes of down time may be just the elixir your child needs.

Pick Your Battles

On a hectic day, be flexible. Maybe allow a bed to go unmade or 15 extra minutes of play time. Relaxing a rule on occasion can lift the spirit and may even net Mom an extra hug at the end of the day. Save the showdowns for big issues or situations that do not allow for flexibility.

Silliness Can Save Sanity

A great way to bring harmony back into the home is to encourage laughter. Lighten up and enjoy your children for their innocence. Be silly and spontaneous occasionally. Have a dinner picnic on the living room floor. Declare a chore-free day and spend the time having family fun together. House rules for children are important but sometimes a rule may need to be bent to achieve balance and harmony.

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