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7 Ways to Soothe Your Crying Baby

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By: May Monten

New moms, by recreating the atmosphere of the womb,  your little one will feel less irritable and soon quiet down

It’s been three to four days since you were able to sleep through the night. You’re not even sure, because you don’t really know what is today’s date. What you do know, however, is that this is not what you signed up for!

Often, a crying baby is just fuzzy about something simple, whether it’s their stomach or typical gassiness. By recreating the atmosphere of the womb, a place where baby was once very contented, your little one will feel less irritable and soon quiet down. Unless you detect a fever, which would require quick attention and a check-up with the doctor. Here are seven simple ways to bring comfort, peace and relaxation to a fussy baby.

White Noise
The sounds your baby heard in the womb are similar to white noise, so mimic that whooshing noise by tuning your radio to pure static, or turn on a fan, vacuum cleaner or hair dryer. You can buy recordings of white noise or “womb music” to play when baby starts to cry.

Rock-a-Bye Baby
Try calming your baby by simulating the motion baby felt in the womb. Rock them in a rocking chair, or put them in a swing. You can also put on some soft, slow music and dance with baby in your arms.

She’s Got a Ticket to Ride
Some babies love riding in trains, cars or on the subway. Take advantage of the white noise and rhythmic motion of these modes of transportation and let them rock your baby to sleep.

Cuddle Time
Babies loves to feel their mother’s touch, hear their heartbeat, and smell their scent. Try stroking baby’s head and face while talking in soothing tones.

Food Glorious Food
If you can tune into the early signs of hunger, you may be able to feed baby before the crying begins. Often babies smack their lips or stick out their tongue when hungry.

It’s Gas
If baby is crying because of gas or a tummy ache, try rubbing and patting your little one’s back to elicit a burp.

Baby It’s Cold in Here
Babies often fuss when they’re too cold, so try a swaddling blanket or an infant hat for extra warmth.

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