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Best Posts on Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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By: Carolina Pichardo

Young Urban Moms, take a look at our roll-call of the best websites and blogs that we’ve read thus far, and find out how you can help support this cause

Photograph by Ignacio Leonardi

Although we haven’t done our official “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” post, rest assured that it’s mostly cause we’ve been busy learning more about this devastating condition that affects millions of families each year.

Take a look at our roll-call of the best websites and blogs that we’ve read thus far, and find out how you can help support this cause. We’ll continue doing this throughout the month, so let us know if you would like to be featured or know of a site that should be highlighted.

1. Love Bomb’s Bombing Mission: Nanette, Single Mom with Breast Cancer: This website is on a mission (as the name indicates) to show Nanette — a single mother of two — all the love in the world. Nanette was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and describes her experience with chemo, life and the diagnosis through her blog, “Glitter Every Day.” Spread a little glitter to her day by showing your support!

2. When a Friend Gets Sick: Often, when a friend or relative gets sick, we freeze up and don’t know what to do. When should I call? What do I say? As this author explains, doing something is much better than not doing anything at all.

3. Loving Your Body After Breast Cancer: Breast cancer can cause a lot of changes to the body. However, with a little self-love, women can feel even better than before. Learn how to talk to you family about your new approach, and how connecting with other survivors could ease the pain.

4. Boobie Wednesday: I have to admit that I giggle a little whenever I say this out loud. But all jokes sort of aside, this website is meant to enlighten the mood and encourage women (and men) to do self-examinations. This month, the website is posting several stories and information on breast cancer throughout the week (versus the weekly updates only).

5. The Yellow Umbrella: Although it’s not about breast cancer, this organization is about another issue that also affects millions of women—cervical cancer. It’s dedicated to supporting and connecting victims and survivors of the disease, with their main message being to inform families on the importance of the HPV test and possible prevention.

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