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Last-Minute Gifts and Other Holiday Tips

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By: Carolina Pichardo

Young Urban Moms, here are some tips on what to do when your twelve days of Christmas have run out

So you’re checking your list and realize that you forgot someone: that terrific neighbor that’s helped you out a couple of times, the mailroom person that saves your packages, or the parent that’s amazing with arranging playdates.

But you’ve reached your budget limit, you can’t stand another minute in a department store, and online shopping/shipping is completely out of the question.

Here are some tips on what to do when your twelve days of Christmas have run out.

Easy Online Gifts

Some of my favorite finds are Netflix, Friendgiftr, and a Club Penguin membership for the kids. These are easy, will provide hours of fun and family moments, and–most importantly–requires no gift wrapping or shipping.

Tasty Treats

It’s like my daughter always says: “You can make anything better with a cookie.” That’s the chef in her.

But then again, she might be on to something.

Who can deny a delicious treat?

This is a great gift for the difficult find (think of the person that has it all) or the last-minute one. It’s also great for the child that’s just a little too spoiled (we all know one of those).

Baskets and Knick-Knacks

This is as close to homemade as you could get, without looking too last-minute.

Visit the local drugstore, find a nice box or basket and pick things that you know the other person will appreciate or might just find funny.

Just add some chocolates and sweets, maybe a pair of fundies and a nice book, and it’s a “Don’t Leave Home Unless You Really Have To” present.

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