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New Year’s Resolutions, Family Style

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By:  Staff Report

Young Urban Moms, try to plan ahead your goals, and resolutions as a family, and include the kids in the process

It’s new year and you’re probably going down the list of what you need to accomplish within the next twelve months: exercise more, savings, travel abroad, etc.

Well, we’re going to ask you to add another “goal” on that list.

Your Family

Although resolutions are usually about doing things for yourself, it is also a good time to take inventory of what we already have in place.

What’s more in place than our family?

So take the time together to go over personal goals, as well as goals for the family and what each member wishes to achieve.

If one of them wants to get better grades, how about researching together classes and programs that could help. What about eating better, or maybe even going out more often (kids will love this one)?

Take time to plan family trips, events/birthdays, and special outings that involves a little bit of everything.

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