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Revisiting Your New Year’s Money Resolutions

By: Staff Report + Daily Worth

Tips for Young Urban Moms to stay on track with their money resolutions and goals for this year

It’s been a little over a month and we hope that most of you have been on track with your money resolutions and goals for this year.

If you’re not, then we’re here to remind you with some quick tips from the “Money Experts” themselves (and our favorite financial site), Daily Worth.

1. 5-Minute Quiz: Your Best Budget: The reason budgets fail—or people never try them in the first place—is that the budgeting concept is misunderstood.

2. Personal Account: My Brain on Sales: MP Dunleavey, DailyWorth’s Editorial Director, details her financial triumphs and how she got there.

3. Save Money & Time with Meal Planning: Entrepreneur Jenny Newcomer, owner of, uses her company’s weekly Feed ME meal planner to plan meals for her family each week.

4. Eat Your Credit Card: Independent financial advisor and educator, Galia offers tips on how to avoid using those tempting credit cards.

5. When Less Means More: We all know the saying that “less means more,” but often find it hard to adjust to our own lives and situations. This contributor, however, describes her budgeting journey one less item at a time.

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