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Most Wanted Deadbeat BabyDaddy

By: Dawn La Rosa

Guest blogger and fellow Young Urban Mom, Dawn La Rosa, puts her deadbeat babydaddy on blast with t-shirts and this post

My story with my (hopefully sooner than later) soon to be ex-husband is this…

We met about 5-yrs. ago, through mutual friends. We became friends first and that later developed into more.

I knew he had 3 other children from past relationships (1 not biologically his) as I too had 2 children from past relationships. He seemed like the greatest dad on earth and—of course—I was bamboozled by it all (as every woman before me). He always seemed to have work (as a bouncer, personal trainer, etc.) so I never questioned anything financially.

We got married in 2008 and then had our son in 2009. It was during my pregnancy that our problems really began. I caught him cheating or with the intentions to (via emails + texts), but he always denied it and begged to be forgiven (as most of them do). Close to the end of my pregnancy, however, I found out he had another child who was only 3 months younger than his youngest daughter, which he at the time owed over 22K in child support.

Only two weeks after my son was born, I decided I NEEDED to go back to being the breadwinner, as he worked when he felt like it and was barely able to pay the bills.

I went to work and told him that all he needed to do was stay home with our son and the kids. What a SUCKER I am, right?

Anyhow, he progressively got abusive and in April of 2010, we finally separated.

I immediately filed for divorce, but he then moved to Texas when a friend offered him a job. In May, when our son was close to turning 1 yrs. old, he begged me not to go through with the divorce and I foolishly agreed to try it again.

In August of 2010, I moved out to Texas to be with him and it was horrible.

That same year, in December, I had him arrested for abuse. When he was released, he wiped my bank account clean and abandoned us in Texas. I then swallowed my pride and asked my family for help to move back to Pennsylvania, but not without first letting my frustrations out.

I said, “I too can be victorious under such trying times!”

I then made a t-shirt on and wore it on my plane ride home and everytime I’m in New York City. I have friends who have mentioned that if I made mass production of the shirt, they would wear it to support me.

Dawn La Rosa is a single mom of three making sure her message gets across one t-shirt at a time.

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