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Family Prep Time Before Going Back-to-School

By: Carolina Pichardo

Find parenting tips on how Young Urban Moms and their kids can best handle back-to-school

Since we know you’re probably a little short on everything – and mostly time – this part of the year, we’ll make the following back-to-school tip sheet quick and painless. For those that already started school in parts of the U.S., it doesn’t hurt to try a few of these still – especially the last point on this list.

  1. A week or two before school begins, start setting those bedtime rituals down pat again. During the summer, most kids have camp and other activities, but school routine – with homework and the different assignments – is very different. Easing them in early will make it much easier on everyone when the first day finally arrives.
  2. Whatever you do, don’t overshop. Settle into the school year little by little. You still have a chance to get everything you need after the kids’ first day of school. If the teacher hasn’t provided you with a class list of items, then ask them what exactly will your kids need.
  3. Let them take more control of their routines, as they get older. Of course, this depends on your child’s age. But it’s never too early to give them a little control of deciding on their own backpacks, school items and clothes. For parents with more than one kid, let your oldest work with your youngest and see how well they get along. Encourage them to share stories, tips and ideas of how to survive the school-year.
  4. Start reaching out to other parents. If your child is going back to the same school, reach out to other parents and see how they’re doing. It’s good for us to vent with other parents as well, and share ideas/tips on how to survive the back-to-school rush.
  5. Just don’t stress it. Starting a new school-year is nerve wrecking as it is. So follow these quick tips to make this new round easier on you and your kids.

Young Urban Moms’ co-founder, Carolina Pichardo, is a digital marketer by day, writer and community activist by night, and mom to Lulu always. You can reach her or on Twitter @c_pichardo.

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