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Reflections on Getting – Older

By: Carolina Pichardo

As a young, urban mom, I always get the same question: “So when do you stop considering yourself young?” Truth is – never

As a young, urban mom, I always get the same question: “So when do you consider yourself not young?”

Even now, as a newly-minted 30 year old.

Truth is, whether we’re 25 or 80, being a young mom is a state of mind and thinking. You will forever carry those experiences with you regardless of how old you get. My daughter will continue to be asked, “Is that your sister?” While I’ll get the usual, “Is that your daughter?”

It’s a unique experience – this YUM thing.

YUM kids will remember everything, especially those things you might just want to forget. Just the other day, my daughter reminded me of the one time “you were in the supermarket and your pants ripped!” Yes, she explains how it all happened too. Don’t even get her started on our car trip stories. She’ll tell anyone who’ll listen what a horrible “parker” I am.

She’s just so excited to be a part of it all, and what better time capsule for a parent than to share that with their child (even the embarrassing parts)?

What do you look forward to the most about getting older as a YUM?

Young Urban Moms’ co-founder, Carolina Pichardo, is a digital marketer by day, writer and community activist by night, and mom to Lulu always. You can reach her or on Twitter @c_pichardo.

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