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Recap of the Young Moms BlogHer Takeover

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By: Gloria Malone

Young Urban Moms (YUM) sponsored Gloria Malone’s first BlogHer experience + we couldn’t wait to read all about it!

As a former teen mom and new blogger, attending Blogher12 was surreal for me. However, with the power of social media and – more impact-fully - the power of teen and young moms on social media, I was able to attend Blogher12 because of Young Urban Moms (YUMs).

This wonderful blog choose ME to represent them at Blogher12. They choose me so I would be able to learn and network with some of the most amazing women and brands online! No pressure, right? Wrong! I was a MESS!

Initially, I was excited and then my nerves started getting the best of me. I began doing research online on attending the conference as a ‘newbie’ and found a lot of tips and suggestions. The one, however, that stuck with me the most was: Stop tweeting about how nervous you are. Those were the words I needed to read.

We tend to tweet what we feel and feel what we tweet, right? Maybe me tweeting how nervous I am over and over again was making me more nervous than need be.

So I stopped tweeting. Looked in my closet for the perfect outfit. Attended the conference, and believe it or not – survived!

I wanted to make sure that my time was evenly distributed between learning, networking and trying out free things.

The first day was INTENSE, OVERWHELMING and A LOT to take in!

With 5,000 attendees (mostly women), the amount of people there was overwhelming for anyone. Including a YUM that rides the super packed NYC subway home almost everyday with a six year old by her side.

Soon, I found my first session, which was about international activism, and was filled with inspiration from listening to the distinguished panel of women speaking. The next session I attended was learning how to effectively use Twitter and Facebook. After walking around the Expo for a bit and sitting on the floor wondering – “WHY THE HELL did I sign up for this craziness?” – I was off to the parties with a wonderful group of women.

So my first day, which started out filled with anxiety and being overwhelmed, ended on a high note. Day 1 of Blogher12 was behind me, and I was anxious and a bit nervous to see how Day 2 would be.

Gloria Malone Blogher

Gloria Malone a student, employee, YUM and the creator of the fabulous blog, Teen Mom in New York City. You can follow Gloria on Twitter @GloriaMalone.

Editor’s Note: Although Young Urban Moms sponsored Gloria Malone to attend Blogher12, these opinions and thoughts are her very own.

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