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Babysitting On Site – Kid’s Night Out, Parent’s Night Off

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By: Staff Report

Please join us in welcoming Kid’s Night Out, Parent’s Night Off (PNO-KNO)! Free babysitting + child care will be available for YUM conference attendees

Young Urban Moms (YUM) is proud to announce our first-ever, groundbreaking conference for Young Moms in New York City on Saturday, September 8th. Please join us in welcoming our team of speakers, panel experts and most importantly, community friends.

Thank you Kid’s Night Out, Parent’s Night Off (PNO-KNO) for giving our attendees a day off. Participants will be able to enjoy the event, network and learn with a peace of mind. Kids – in the meantime – will be having fun and learning with a great, experienced organization.

KNO PNO babysitting

Organization: Kid’s Night Out, Parent’s Night Off, (PNO-KNO)

Kid’s Night Out, Parent’s Night Off, (PNO-KNO) is an esteemed organization formed for the benefit and flexibility of parent’s daily tasks or functions day or night. Open 7 days a week/365 days a year from 1pm-11pm, where the team will come to you engaging your children productively bringing positivity, and enthusiasm while giving families peace of mind to enjoy themselves or take care of personal affairs. This organization takes the childcare experience to an educational and fundamental level enhancing the child’s time away from their parents in a productive manner.

We work to enhance the childcare experience through an educational and fundamental outlet. Engaging children through specific outlets and/or curriculum to develop their independence, interests and social growth. We promote growth and learning through observation, experimentation, questioning and play.

Fun Fact: PNO-KNO is an educational and interactive babysitting service available in the five boroughs.

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