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Why Moms Live Longer (Young Moms Take Note)

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By: Carolina Pichardo

Being a young mom isn’t only a beautiful thing, but a recent study by Dr. Esben Agerbo shows it helps us live longer too!

People often ask me if I knew what I know now, if I would’ve waited to have my daughter—and I always reply, “No.” Now, there’s studies that show how my role has probably added a few good years to my lifespan.

Young Moms Healthy Lives

Courtesy of The U.S. National Archives

According to Dr. Esben Agerbo, Associate Professor at Aarhus University in Aarhus, Denmark, having children just might be the secret to a longer life. What’s more? It benefits moms more than dads (sorry BDs!).

Although there isn’t a direct reason why childless couples die of multiple causes sooner (and more often) than their child-full counterparts, Dr. Agerbo suspects it’s due to health behaviors and habits. “When people have kids, they tend to live healthier,” he said.

So if this is real research, why are women waiting to have children later, as is the case with women in London? Within the last five years, there’s been a 15% rise in births to women in their 40s. But that’s another storyline altogether.

In the meantime YUMs, celebrate your children and the long lives you’re destined to enjoy with them.

Young Urban Moms’ co-founder, Carolina Pichardo, is a digital marketer by day, writer and community activist by night, and mom to Lulu always. You can reach her or on Twitter @c_pichardo.

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