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A Boy Likes My Daughter (Gasp)!

By: Mary Targia Almonte

A boy likes my (soon- to- be) ten year old daughter. Not only does a boy like my fourth-grader daughter, but he is becoming more and more vocal about it by the day. But wait, there’s more…she likes him back! Now, while I’m honored and grateful (not to mention relieved) that she trusts me enough to confide in me and provides me with the play by play of their exchanges, I’m also torn as to how to steer her.

I’m playing it cool. When she tells me these stories, we giggle like girlfriends. However, in my head, I’m SCREAMING “Oh hell noooo!”. However, in thinking back on my own childhood, I received my first phone call from a boy when I was in the fourth grade…and my mother cursed him out so badly that I was the laughingstock of the entire class for pretty much the rest of the school year. That act pretty much knocked her out of my circle of trust when it came to all boy-related matters, and I wound up a teen mother with Bri. Needless to say, I SO do not want to be my mother in this situation or have history repeat itself here. And so, I shall continue to act nonchalant and coach her along as she begins the journey of adolescence.

I suppose the hardest pill for me to swallow is that I didn’t think it was going to start so soon.  My little princess: Bree Wee, who still wears pigtails and plays with Barbies and believes in Santa Claus, is slowly lifting her veil of innocence and it’s a bit much to come to terms with! Sometimes I wish that I could freeze time. However, it has been said that “a daughter is a girl who grows up to be a best friend” and the greater part of me can feel this happening through the bond that we are developing as she begins to come of age. I look forward to the transformation.

When did your kids start crushing on members of the opposite sex? How did you react? Please share!

Co-founder Mary Targia Almonte is a digital Ad Operations Manager by day and a chauffer, chef, maid, event planner, homework-checker, entertainer, diaper-changer, and snot-wiper to her two kids and husband in her hometown of Staten Island, NY. Follow her on Twitter @MaryTheYUMama.

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