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Reyes Magos thanks to Net 10

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By Mary Targia Almonte

In an attempt to give my children a true bi-cultural experience, we decided to celebrate Reyes Magos, a.k.a. Three Kings Day, this year.  In Latin American countries, the arrival of the Three Kings is defined by tremendous celebrations.  Given that we were in the midst of moving and had a house full of boxes, our celebration was, well, less than enormous.

Though there were no camel and we had tons of goodies and treats, and exchanged gifts of (knock off) gold, frankincense, and myrrh, in re-enactment of the bearings of the Three Kings.  Of course, never one to miss a moment, my daughter took pictures of it all and shared with her friends, who had no clue why we were doing any of this, via her Net 10 wireless phone.

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