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Getting Ready for Baby

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By: Carolina Pichardo

How do you prepare for a second baby—over a decade later? This young mom will tell you how she’s getting it done.

Disney Baby young moms

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was extremely meticulous and careful with every detail that went into having her. Registry for the baby shower was done months in advance, name was selected, and even the theme for her nursery was decided on. I’d researched everything from the best baby carriages, breast pumps, baby products to what not to do with infants, how to care for them and so on. It was enough to drive you mad.

But what can I say, she was our first, and although I was still very young, I didn’t want to miss out on feeling completely like a mom.

Fast-forward a decade later, as we prepare for our second child, our boy, and I have nothing to show for it. Sure, we have a few outfits and accessories here and there, but when it comes to being prepared—like we were with Lulu—my younger self is putting my older self to shame.

Yet, although I don’t feel as prepared, I’m a lot happier about what’s coming and feel like there’s so much out there to show me the ropes—again. Not only that, but this time around, we have the best sidekick/big sister to help prepare for it all.

Since finding out, we’ve tried to keep her as involved as possible—but not without us still having some control of the pregnancy. She’s doing things like helping prepare the baby shower, brainstorming a name (but we have the final say), and helping choose the Disney character that best suits him.

So far she’s narrowed it down to Finding Nemo and Monster’s Inc. Hers was the ultimate classic, Winnie the Pooh. She had everything Pooh—from her bedding and mobile to wall stickers and nightlight. Of course, she thought the baby should have the same. Not one single Disney detail should be left to chance.

And he will, I’ve assured her. Although I think he already has a little more, and that’s him having her.  Yes, although the preparation for him isn’t exactly the same, the dedication and love still is. We’re just going about it a little differently, whether it’s with Monster’s, Nemo, or who knows—maybe another Pooh.

We recently attended a “Disney Baby” event in New York City, and were able to scope out the latest baby accessories and furniture. This is where Lulu got her Nemo and Monster’s Inc. ideas. To learn more about Disney Baby, and how other moms are sharing their magical moments, visit You can also check out our Pinterest Board for more on our experience—and of course—what my daughter selected for her baby brother.

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