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Cyberchase Movie – 3 Spoilers

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By: Staff Report

cyberchase movie pbskidsWe get emotional with big milestones and moments, and seeing our favorite kids’ programs celebrate big isn’t an exception. That’s why we’re so happy to be able to be a part of the Cyberchase 100th episode, which will be coming to you on April 15th as the program’s first-ever 1-hour special (please, check your local listings).

For this special event, Matt, Jackie and Inez—Digit too—have to restore Ecotopia, which Hacker accidentally slimed while digging for the reset button to overthrow Motherboard. As per Cyberchase’s style, the program will be have an eco-theme in honor of Earth Month, featuring practical and fun math and science plots, and the always funny, Buzz and Delete. But there’s more, and here’s our top three movie spoilers.

1. We meet Ollie – Junior Ranger – and voice of Modern Family’s own, Rico Rodriguez. Ollie Teams up with Matt, Jackie and Inez to save and transfer the animals from one part of Ecotopia to another. Fortunately for the team, Ollie is well on his way to becoming a real Ranger and knows his stuff.

2. In the movie, Ollie overcomes his fear of heights while saving Inez. He recalls hanging by a branch when younger, and being saved by his mother, who – in the movie – taken hostage by Hacker. Ellie learns to overcome his fear of heights, and becomes a little more independent along the way.

3. Inez still doesn’t like to be called Nezzie. She also seems to share a little something with Ollie.

So there you have it—our top three spoilers. For more on Cyberchase and their big celebration, visit There’s also a series of real-world games exploring the environmental topics discussed in the movie, including waste reduction and solar power, available for families to print and play at home.

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