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Contest Winner: Getting Left Back, Moving Forward

By: Janelle Joa (A Day In the Life) Janelle Joa won a thredUP PRO Membership for submitting this inspirational and great back-to-school story! It was the first day of school and Jacob was repeating the 1st grade. That day, he wasn’t sure about going back and was very nervous. I had told him the news in the middle of the Summer. While we were vacationing in Virginia, I
A Cheating Spouse and the Kids

By: Christina Spencer So your spouse has cheated on you. Now you must focus on being the mom that your kids need, while sorting through the betrayal. But how? So your spouse has cheated on you. You're angry, hurt and full of questions. How could he do this to you, and why did he do this? You want to scream, cry and probably throw something. These are all