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What’s so special about a YUM?

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By: Lauren Bove

Young Urban Moms are an amazing, uniquely open and diverse group of women

It goes without saying. However, it needs to be said anyway. YUMs are an amazing, uniquely open and diverse group of women. They love urban life, family and everything that comes with it. That means the noise, semi-chaos, and the serenity in between those moments. YUMs are very special for many reasons. However, below are only a handful listed. Enjoy and don’t forget to share with the special YUM in your life!

Fun, Fierce and Energetic
Surrounded by opportunities, options and activities, a YUM is never at a loss for something great to do. They also often live in a robust and busy world teeming with art, parks, plays, sports, concerts and so much more. Being super-savvy, a YUM always knows what’s going on.

YUMs Make a Difference
Living and being a part of such a dense diversity, a YUM can’t help caring and being community-oriented. YUMs give back to their world. Whether it’s playground building,  providing support to other YUMs,and other worthwhile projects, they get involved and make a difference.

Creative and Versatile
With so much stimulation packed into a city block, YUMs have it made. Not every woman can boast living a stone’s throw from the best pizza in the planet, the jazz joint famous for sessions with Sidney Bechet and Theoloneous Monk, or more than 100 awesome museums. Saturated in culture and an array of viewpoints, YUMs boast a true sense and deep connection to the world.

The Kids
YUMs are great at educating their kids and providing a rich environment for them to grow. Also, the proximity to many novel activities challenges the YUM kids’ minds. Sure, there are plays, classes and programs galore, but a pickup game of stickball with neighborhood kids makes for a pretty amazing experience as well.

Simply put: YUMs just know what they want and how to get it. They go above-and-beyond with juggling kids, work, the self and home. They are varied and unique, yet have a strong love for family and community. Now that’s one yummy combination!

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