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Have a Safe and Fun Halloween!

By: Carolina Pichardo

Young Urban Moms, here are some tips to keep your kids safe, and make sure that they have a great time trick-or-treating!

These last couple of days have been fantastic! Thank you all for your continued support and beautiful pictures!

We’ve been amazed at the creative, innovative costumes that parents and kids have put together. We can’t wait to see all the kids (and hopefully some parents too) step into their characters—whether it’s a princess, shark, dragon or genie—and collect their goodies.

As usual, we wish you all the best this weekend and hope that your day is full of scary tricks and treats. Although we know your family will make it a memorable one, we also want you to be safe.

Below are some tips on how to do that, without adding some more shrieks and spooks into the process.

  1. Stay in Groups. It’s always a good idea to form groups when trick or treating. Although some kids might complain about having to share their candy, it’s a lot of fun and a great opportunity for parents to meet.
  2. Stick to What You Know. Stick with the streets and avenues that you know and are familiar to you. This is not the best time to venture off and sightsee.
  3. Inspect Everything. Not everything you get is delicious and gold. As soon as you get home, be sure to check through your kids’ bag of candies.

Now, we’re not trying to spoil ALL the fun! So go out there, have fun, and make the best of these moments with your family.


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