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It’s Not All Fun in the Sun

By: Elma Placeres Dieppa

Why the love for Pump It Up? The kids pay $10 each (adults get in free) and they bounce, jump, slide, run and laugh. Plus, Young Urban Moms can do it too!

Elma Fun in the Sun Vid

Especially with this crazy summer… I joke that summer took furlough days in response to the city’s budget crisis, this weather has been crazy!

So what do you do?

What do you do when your little one, who is used to being in school with 19 other balls of energy and is now stuck with a busy mommy and a little stinky brother  (stinky when he doesn’t listen). Where is a child supposed to let out all that steam? Especially those poor little kids with rules and regulations set forth by The Mean Queen (yours truly).

Poor Frick has to deal with a wet park, a playroom that’s all played out, a mother that won’t leave the computer for more than a minute, and a little brother who won’t play fetch anymore.

“Come on guys, let’s get out of here,” I announce and am greeted with two excited little faces filled with hope and a little trepidation that this may just be an announcement for a trip to Costo (it happens). “Mama, where are we going?” asks a cautiously, excited Frick. You can almost hear her chant: “Please let it be somewhere fun, pleeeease let it be somewhere fun.” At which point I jump up and down and yell, “We’re going to Pump It Up!” The kids start jumping up and down too, and the mad dash to get out of the house begins.

Why the love for Pump It Up?  Haven’t you been there?  It’s great!  The kids pay $10 each (adults get in free) and they bounce, jump, slide, run and laugh. Plus, you can do it too! Matter of fact, I highly encourage parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents to play… Even if you get a boo-boo along the way (as I did in the filming of this video). But know what, we went back a few days later with the hubby—because papa’s need to play too.

Elma Placeres Dieppa (@mzelma) mother of two, tackles Chicago, motherhood, and work with humor, style and a killer pair of heels.

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