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Enjoying the Quiet Before the Holiday Storm

By: Carolina Pichardo

Find the best young mother tips on how to enjoy Halloween before holiday season increases the stress level

With the costume and candy shopping complete, all we could do now is wait.

Maybe enjoy a few spooky classic films or two, finish the pumpkins, and sign up for the Halloween events around the neighborhood.

It’s the best we could do for now, because once we’ve passed that threshold and we’re in November – the official holiday season begins. And let’s face it, that’s the when stress levels increase, we’re emotionally all over the place and no time is enough time.

So for the time being, enjoy the quiet that this spooky week brings and your child’s excitement as they dress up as their favorite heroes and characters.

Mary’s daughter – Bri – is going to dress-up as Frankie Stein from Monster High while with her friends during the day, and then switch up in the afternoon to Little Red Riding Hood with her little brother, Alonso as the Big Bad Wolf. Meanwhile, my daughter Lulu is going to be the Pink Power Ranger (from the original show).

What are your kids going to be this Halloween?

Young Urban Moms’ co-founder, Carolina Pichardo, is a digital marketer by day, writer and community activist by night, and mom to Lulu always. You can reach her at or on Twitter @c_pichardo.

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