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Is a Fashion E-Commerce Business Right for Moms?

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By: Lewis Humphries

Young Urban Moms, whether you work or stay at home and care for your family, there’s ample opportunity to create new and exciting revenue streams with fashion e-commerce

The main challenge facing those in between work or stay-at-home mothers, however, is how to focus their entrepreneurial spirit to suit the current macro-environment? While it is a given that e-commerce remains the most profitable business model to sell a product or service, it is less clear which market niche offers the greatest opportunity for growth. Those in doubt may wish to consider creating an online fashion store, however, as this taps into a potentially huge consumer market and can also be operated with low start-up costs.

3 Reasons to Embrace an Fashion E-Commerce Store

  1. The Low Start-Up Costs: One of the key benefits to starting an online fashion store is the fact that there are so few start up costs, especially as you are likely to already own most of the equipment required. As long as you have a functional personal computer, reliable Internet and a good quality digital camera to capture your products, then you are well-equipped to establish your online storefront and begin trading.
  2. Competitive Pricing for High-Quality Clothing: On the theme of low start-up costs, there are also outlets on the market that can enable you to source high-quality fashion garments cheaply and in bulk. These genuine fashion wholesalers, such as SiiCClothing, purchase surplus factory stock from major high street retailers and then resell these at significant financial discounts to their clients. With these savings also available for low minimum order quantities, you can develop your business organically and affordably without breaking the bank.
  3. Being Afforded Access to Seasonal and Fashionable Clothing: Such genuine wholesalers offer other benefits, as they also allow you to purchase the very latest in seasonal clothing and ensure that your stock is in demand among the general public. By selling garments that are also available in leading retailers but at a hugely discounted prices, your online fashion store affords you a unique opportunity to make a profit with just a minimal profit or financial outlay.

The Bottom Line: Low-Cost Business Model Can Boost Your Income

Whether you already work or stay at home and care for your family, there’s ample opportunity to create new and exciting revenue streams. By embracing the low cost model of e-commerce and selling fashionable garments at hugely discounted prices, you can quickly make a profit without having to invest huge sums of money into a risk-laden business start-up.

Lewis Humphries is a professional blogger, and has a huge passion for entrepreneurship and enterprise. He also represents SiicClothing, which is a leading genuine wholesaler and supplier of high-quality fashion garments.

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