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Quick Tips on a Stress Free Summer

By: Staff Report

Here are some tips and ideas for Young Urban Moms on how to minimize the complaining, get everyone on board and enjoy the summer

For most of us that aren’t going away this summer with our families, it’s easy to fantasize about how much fun we’re going to make it – regardless. It’s gonna be a good one, even if we have to kill ourselves making it happen. We start with the long lists of places, seeing what’s going on in our area and highlighting the activities we want to do.

Haven’t visited the zoo lately? Check.
How about that new pool that opened up? Check. It all sounds organized and perfect.

But before we know it, life gets in the way. That means work, chores, a weekend or two pass, and the kids.

Yes, the kids.

So here are some tips on how to minimize the complaining, get everyone on board and enjoy the summer (or at least try to).

1. Discuss and Plan Ahead of Time. Depending on how old your kids are, chances are that it’s best to discuss what everyone wants to do and plan ahead. Give everyone a weekend to plan what the family must do. If the younger ones aren’t designated a time slot, then let them see images of where you’ll be going online and talk to them about the trip. Point is to get EVERYONE excited to go!

2. Give Them Options. More than likely, your kids will have no idea what to do. What is it that they say about an open canvas? Do a little research as a family, ask questions and even invite their friends along.

3. Prepare to Stay In (A Lot). Regardless of how well you plan, there will be weekends that you won’t have much to do. As a matter of fact, plan for it to be that way. When you have young kids, it’s best to be careful of how long you’re outdoors. Toddlers and tweens can also get dehydrated quickly. Just be sure not to run to the television or digital devices set right away. Researchers from Oregon State University have confirmed that parents – not TV – are a major factor in whether young kids are active or not.

4. Grab a Good Book. There’s a reason summer reads are so popular. Check out the latest bestsellers and see if there’s one that grabs you. Oh, and skip the Shades of Gray for now. That kind of heat is not recommended for the coming dog days of summer.

5. Beach, beach and beach. Yes, this can’t be stressed enough. Try a few beaches in the area. Pack a nice lunch, snacks, and go.

6. If All Else Fails. There’s always gardening, fishing, riding a bike, rollerblading, and picnics. The options are endless.

7. Let It Be. Honestly, your family will enjoy it regardless of what you do. Think of a time summer has not been fun? Yes, you’ll probably hear the occasional: “I’m bored.” But take it from us, the best summers are paved with no intentions at all.

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