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Earth Day, Everyday

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By: Carolina Pichardo

Yes, Earth Day has come and gone this year, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t continue celebrating. In a recent Go Green story, the Manhattan Times and Bronx Free Press highlight how young mothers and families can integrate greener habits, products and actions in their homes.

eco house earth day nyc

April’s celebration of Earth Day offers an opportunity for families to focus on conservation, and on ways that everyone together can learn to save energy and resources year-round. We took a trip to Inwood’s own EcoHouse to learn what we could do to make the world—and our homes—a better place.

The Community Environmental Center EcoHouse, billed a “21st-century classroom for students of all ages,” is a mobile and interactive exhibit that lets you see behind the walls and underneath the floor of a home. The idea is to help you learn how your house or apartment really works. The EcoHouse helps you understand how to save energy, save money and protect the natural world around you.

Did you know, for example, that The Bronx was home to the nation’s first ENERGY STAR apartment building?

Or, did you know that families could save a lot of money and water by focusing on something as basic – and important – as the toilet? Or that switching to a more efficient refrigerator could save you hundreds of dollars a year in electricity?

These are a few of the many interesting points made at the EcoHouse, which also focuses on how to make your home a greener space – one in which you’ll save both energy and money.

So grab a pen and paper and let’s take a quick inventory of your home – a lo verde!


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