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Watch Out—Moody and Pregnant Coming Through!

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By: Carolina Pichardo

Did you know exercising could help change (for the better) a pregnant woman’s mood? See how this young mom is trying to implement a few yoga stretches into her morning routine.

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These past few months have been rough with this pregnancy, but mostly for my closest friends and family. I have barked and yelled—and insulted a good few of them! However, they have all remained; supporting, loving and—most importantly—ignoring me.

But what would you say if I told you (and other moms-to-be) that there’s a good way to get rid of those moody periods of pregnancy?

According to researchers at the University of Western Ontario, the effective way to improve a pregnant woman’s mood and energy level is to remain active. This even helps with the fatigue that’s all-too-common for moms-to-be during this time. It also helps with depression, which could result in other prenatal complications like insufficient weight gain, premature birth, and small babies. Also, like regular exercise, it helps with stress levels from other factors, such as a tween pressuring you to let her get an Instagram account and a full-time job.

These past few weeks I’ve been enjoying walking a little more, done some dancing, and even did a few yoga stretches. It’s not much, but it beats complaining and driving everyone else around me completely mad. Here are some videos I’ve found very helpful*:

Have you exercised while pregnant? How did your pregnancy moods affect you?

*Please discuss with your doctor or healthcare provider with any health questions or concerns.

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