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How To Flip A Bad Day

Filed under : Mommy Melt Down, The Vent

By: Carolina Pichardo

have a good day mta nyc

We’ve all had them. Those days when nothing seems to go right, and you just want to put a stop to everything fast. Or go home and take a nap. Unfortunately, that’s not normally an option, so the best we can do is breathe, take a step back and maybe one or two (or three) of the following before getting home to our family.

Listen to Music. Whether you’re driving home, or like me dashing through the MTA, music becomes essential to realigning your evening after a rough day at work. Have a playlist ready with some upbeat, empowering songs.

Get Home a Little Later. Sometimes, music just won’t cut it and you honestly need to digest all that occurred during the day. If you have a local coffee shop or restaurant, take a detour to give yourself a few more minutes. Write things down, maybe a quick to-do list of what else you need to do or want to do to feel better about your day.

Order Out. Skipping dinner is a must during those off days. Although, I know some moms who prefer to dive into dinner to release the stress of the day. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it revitalizes your evening and not drag it down with exhaustion.

Be Extra Affectionate. Our kids’ kisses and hugs make everything so much better. For those off days, make sure you’re getting extra doses these. You’ll all feel much better.

Call A Close Friend. This is the friend that’ll put everything in check. Remind you of how great you are, how sucky everyone else is, and when you hang up, you already have a wide smile on your face.

Plan The Best Post-Bedtime Treat. I’m sometimes so exhausted that the only thing that keeps me going with my kids is the thought of a nice glass of wine after they’re in bed. A good book does the trick also.

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