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How to Invest in a Socially Conscious Kid

By: Staff Report

We sat with Liam Monaghan, the brains behind the cause platform, Swell Investing, and Khanh T. Tran of  Pacific Life, to discuss the best way young moms can invest in their child’s future – and the rest of world as well.

swell investing young moms video

Pacific Life prides itself in cultivating a culture of innovation, giving back, and making it all easy, so when the idea of Swell Investing popped up, the team jumped at the opportunity.

Liam Monaghan, the brains behind Swell Investing is from South Africa, while Khanh T. Tran, President of Pacific Life, hails from Vietnam. Both know how important is it to give back to our community, and with their background in business, both also know the sort of investment is takes to make it happen.

So how can young moms get started?

The minimum investment is $250, plus a commission of $9.95. You can select from any of the causes, and even purchase additional ones for each child or member of the family. “It’s a great way to get into investing – even if for the first time,” said Mr. Monaghan. “We also make things as simple and transparent and accessible as possible.”

What are the causes?

The company currently supports four main causes, but is looking to add more to the roster in the future.

  • Improve Education
  • Poverty
  • Uphold Human Rights
  • Fight Cancer

Liam Monaghan said because Swell Investing believes everyone has a cause that ‘s important to them, “We want to appeal to as many people, and help as many causes as we can.”

What are the benefits to young moms and their families?

Your family will be supporting a great cause, as well as nonprofits that are doing great things in the world. Swell Investing works with United Way, Susan G. Komen, Jumpstart, and The American Association of People with Disabilities.

To learn more about Swell Investing, please visit their website at You can also follow them on Twitter @swellinvesting.

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