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We’re “All In” With These Onesies Design Ideas

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By: Staff Report

The Cleveland Clinic isn’t the only one with the onesies magic. Try these ideas to create your own onesies fun with your little one.

cleveland clinic onesies young moms

When Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers returned home for their first #NBAFinals game on Tuesday, it seemed like entire city cheered along for the big win—including newborns as the Cleveland Clinic. The hospital dressed all the babies in Cleveland “All In” onesies to help bring some winning juju to team.

Now, whether they’ll grow up to become NBA superstars playing for the home team is a completely different story.*

Of course, you must start with a white, plain onesies and markers. You can also use Crayola paint, glitter, and scissors. We kept it basic, because we let our teen designed what she thought described her baby brother. Here are some ideas that you can use to get you started.

1. All In. Have each member of the family come up with a word to describe the baby. Then, write down those words and description on the onesies for baby to wear. It’ll remind everyone of of how much fun and blessed you are to have the little one.

2. Monthly Celebration. Design onesies to celebrate the baby’s month. Add a new milestone they’ve accomplished that month, such as walking, laughing, or a funny memory.

3. Store-Bought Stickers. There are stickers for everything these days, including basketball teams. So if you’re not feeling the teams playing in the finals now, or just want to cheer for a different sport altogether, there’s something for that also.

What do you think of the Cleveland Clinic’s onesies celebration? Have you ever had fun with decorating your little one’s onesie?

*Fun Fact: Lebron James and Step Curry were born in the same hospital, a few years apart, and are both MVPs for the NBA.

Credit: Bleacher Report

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