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Warning – Science, Old Wives Tales and You

By: Staff Report

Young Urban Moms, what did you wish you knew while pregnant or with your newborn that you know now?

We’ve all heard and taken heed to the warning signs, no matter how absurd or ridiculous it may sound. No drinking coffee while breastfeeding or pregnant, careful with the fish and also unwashed vegetables. Then there are the old wives tales of how cats can harm babies, squatting could force you into labor, and so on.

While pregnant, women are not only at their peak – but also at their most fragile state. The body is put to work for the 36+ weeks it takes for the baby to develop.

During that time, we have to be careful about what we eat, how we move, what we do, think and feel; all to ensure our children are safe and healthy.

However, there are those moments when we cheat – a little.

We drink a glass of wine or wear the high heels. We escape in the sweet, warm cup of coffee. Heck, we even dance around a little while pregnant to ease the stress of a long workday.

What was the one thing (or two) you sneaked in while pregnant or shortly after giving birth?

On the flip side of that, what were some of the things you adamantly avoided while pregnant?

What did you wish you knew then about these pregnancy and newborn guidelines that you know now?

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