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Happy Mother’s Day, Superheroes!

By: Carolina Pichardo

So here’s to the real superheroes – all our Young Urban Moms – on your day! Happy Mother’s Day!

Some say mothers do the impossible. They do the challenging, difficult and exhausting task of raising – well – people. It’s very much the job description fit for a superhero.

Although we’re no Thor, Iron Man or Black Widows (at least not all of us), we do have certain superpowers that are fit for an action flick.

1. Hawkeyes’ Eyes. We could see what our kids are doing from across the rooms. Heck, once they’re super quiet, we can detect it through the walls.

2. Captain America’s Strength. When I gave birth to my daughter, suddenly I could carry things I never thought possible: diaper bag, baby carrier, car seat and most importantly – baby. Captain ain’t got nothing on us!

3. Battling the Hulk. Our kids’ personalities are all shades of colors – and green is a top choice. This piece, in particular, goes out to the YUMs that understand the tiny tantrums and angry bursts of little Hulks everywhere.

4. Tough Like Iron. This is self-explanatory.

5. The Glue of Fury. We’re the ones that keep it together, have those hunches and know just how to take care of the crew. We know how to push our loved ones to do what we know they’re capable of doing. If that isn’t a superpower, then what is?

Ok, so maybe you might not catch a YUM donning a cape or suit in The Avengers’ sequel or spin-off. But then again, we do this everyday anyway…

Superhero Avengers

So here’s to the real superheroes – all our YUMs – on your day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Check out the “comic book-styled” picture of my daughter, after checking “The Avengers” second time around. It was my Mother’s Day gift to us.

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