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Teen Mom Shows “The Oogieloves” Love

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By: Gloria Malone

Gloria Malone highlights her second day at BlogHer, and what she took away from this wonderful experience

The Oogieloves

My second day of BlogHer was great!

I met and really got to know the team behind The Oogieloves film. They are committed to bringing fun, loving and appropriate entertainment to children. Want to know how I know? They reassured me my problems with mainstream children’s movies weren’t just a fictitious concern. Their director – Ken Viselman – was present to make sure all those ideas were put to rest.

Then, I was off to the session that gave me goosebumps upon entering the room. Tracy Friley a Travel Philanthropist spoke from her heart and touched mine in more ways than she will ever imagine. For the first time in my life, I felt confident that my life goals; to travel the world with Leilani and help others, were not a silly dream but a reality. Ms. Friley also provided us with the names of blogs, organizations and other women that are  using the power of social media for humanitarian purposes.

However, the wonderfulness didn’t end with Ms. Friley.

The whole room was full of women that were making a change in the world, on their own, without huge companies sponsoring them. Just humans doing good things, for the sake of doing good things.

Late in the afternoon, I left BlogHer. I missed Leilani too much an then returned in the evening for a wonderful night of fashion and parties. I went with my date, Leilani. It was the first BlogHer fashion show, the social fiesta and CheeseburgerHer. It was great. All the while enjoying one another’s’ company, and the company of so many wonderful new friends.

Yes, this second day at BlogHer really reinforced the reason as to why I blog, why it’s important to give back and there is NO BETTER time than NOW!

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