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Useful Links for YUMs

Here you’ll find other sites and resources that we believe may be of value for Young Urban Moms. We sometimes do so called “link exchanges” with other parenting web sites, simply because we believe it is a great way to showcase smaller sites like ours and those of our link partners. So take a moment to visit these sites below.

Remember that we do not in anyway control everything written on these sites, so don’t blame us if you don’t like the content…

If you run a website or blog and would like to appear here, please contact us about a link exchange.


Title: Work at Home

Description: is building a community of Moms, Grandmas and Dads who want to work from home or are already working from home.


Title: Parent Coach Plan

Description: Exclusive content related to parenting, discipline, and teaching. We offer parents and teachers a unique set of free parenting and teaching tools and we also offer our own effective and affordable parenting products, including behavior contracts and our namesake, The Parent Coach Plan.


Title: Home and Parenting

Description: Perhaps two of the most important responsibilities in one’s life are one’s family home and parenting responsibility. Get some useful tips on home, family, baby and parenting.


Title: The Mom Network

Description: Mom is an online parenting community providing information for parent’s which lists ideas, tips, resources, advice and suggestions for activities for moms, children, parents and families across Canada. Topics include Rainy-Day Activities, Music for Kids, Field Trips, City Websites, Theatre, Indoor Playgrounds, Libraries, Camping, Early Years Centers.


The Young Mommies Homesite- A support site for young moms and pregnant women in their teens and twenties! Message board forums, articles, due date calculator, teen pregnancy stats & stories, tons of freebies, and more!

Idea Queen – Resources for Parents
Advice, stories, and ideas for parents. Including birthday party ideas, crafts, recipes, money saving, gift ideas, and more.

Baby Boutique- Mommy Couture Designs upscale children’s and baby boutique offers a variety of unique baby gifts, posh kids clothing, luxury toys and more.

Raise Smart Kid – Busy Mom’s Guide- A busy mom’s guide filled with activities to boost the development of kids. It focus on how to optimally stimulate a child from baby to preschool age.

Love Your Baby strives to provide the latest up-to-date information from the World’s leading research and opinions on breastfeeding, lactation, and child development… and that means everything to do with loving your baby! – Southwest Florida Baby is the best local review guide and directory website where new moms can find all the info they need for baby shower planning, birth planning, pregnancy and baby resources, and much more! - The best and largest dating place for single parents in the world. baby shower planning, birth planning, pregnancy and baby resources, and much more!

Mom Product Reviews: Exhausted Mommy.

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Parenting Tips and Resources – is a leading source for parenting information and fun on the Internet. Check out the My Parent Magic shop for Tooth Fairy letters and Certificates,
Santa letters and certificates, letters for parents, and much more

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Octopus Mom Parenting Website

5 Minutes for Mom

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